"I would say that is an attempt to be funny and a statement that identifying how I see myself.

“I’m old to be young and young to be old” sings a Brazilian singer.

Just the eternal attempt to feel accepted by ourselves, peers and society.

Trying to fit in boxes and be part of what we don’t know about, but believe that we need.

Apart from love the creativity from the product you guys offer, I can use it to express 100% how I’m seeing myself at the moment."

Eden J

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"I liked the details of how the shirt is made.

I studied the collar and the shirt sleeves from the screenshot model and noticed how it fit him and how the collar and sleeves appeared thicker and kept their shape (this is also noted on the ribbing at the bottom of the T-shirt).

Your product appeared to be thicker and to be less likely to stretch out upon washings."

Kim W

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"I really like the T-shirts especially being a 58 yr old gay man! You don’t have to wear vulgar shirts all the time!"

Derek L

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Young man wearing an Unapologaytic he/him/daddy T-shirt

He/Him/Daddy Organic Cotton T-shirt

Unapologaytic's best selling T-shirt, He/Him/Daddy, is more than just a playful spin on pronouns.

It's a statement piece that celebrates your identity and individuality. Made with 100% organic cotton and printed with vegan inks, this T-shirt is not only stylish but also environmentally conscious.

And the best part? You can enjoy free shipping with your purchase. Don't miss out on the chance to express yourself with this must-have T-shirt.

Order now and feel confident and proud in your own skin!

Yes please, Daddy!

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