Nobody's Fetish

Nobody’s Fetish. Nobody’s sexual object either.
Asian Man wearing Nobody's Fetish T-shirt
Truth be told, I’ve been hesitating for months, first to release this particular T-shirt and then to write about why I had the idea in the first place because I know how delicate and sensitive talking about this can be...
I experience life as a black gay man so I won’t even pretend I know anything else but I’m sure most of you can remember times when people plastered assumptions and preconceived ideas on you, regardless of ethnicity, body type, gender, age and whatever else. For example, I’ll start with the infamous Big Black Manhood while twinks are expected to be submissive bottoms and muscle daddies dom tops, blah blah blah… 🙄
Like everyone else, I too have preferences and preconceived ideas of my own and nobody can help what turns them on. Nor should they. The situation I’m referring to is when the guy in front of me is clearly not that bothered about getting to know me as an individual but is only projecting his fantasy on me. As far as I’m concerned, I want to keep in mind that there’s an individual on the other side of my fantasies…
Hope that makes sense…
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