Our Impact on Workers' Livelihood

We source our T-shirts from an ethical supplier called Stanley/Stella. They're considered the best in the industry.
Not just because they use organic cotton but also the bonuses and benefits to workers that go beyond the legal minimum, such as free transportation, performance and attendance bonuses and increasing pay scales.
When the Corona virus struck, the partner factories in Bangladesh were forced to shut down for more than a month, reducing workers’ income. Stanley/Stella have stood firm in their commitment to them and didn't cancel any orders.
Instead a grocery shop initiative was launched.
Between July and November, 4,370 workers (more than 90% of the factory workers) had received a heavily discounted package containing basic commodities such as rice, lentils and oil. It has created significant monetary savings for workers, especially during the pandemic, helping to increase their purchasing power and improve their overall standard of living.
Thank you for your contribution.
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