How Unapologaytic got so committed to sustainability

How Unapologaytic got so committed to sustainability

I’ve already shared about how my experience at the French Red Cross led me to only sell ethically made T-shirts and make sure that all workers involved earn a decent living.

I’d like to share why I’m so psycho about ecology...

Even as a child I've always been interested in healthy living and protecting the environment. There was a massive shift in 2013, however. After my mother's death and a divorce, I found myself needing time and space to grieve and think. So what better way than an ayahuasca retreat I thought. Next thing I knew, I was on my way to the Peruvian side of the Amazon jungle... To cut a very long story short, it completely changed my life and this is when I became so psycho about sustainability!

I realised for the first time that humans and nature don't coexist. We ARE nature. As cheesy as this might sound, we are one single entity living on the same planet, breathing the same polluted air, etc. Everything and everyone is connected... This is what drove me to want to make the least impact possible that I could on this planet!

My goal is to lead by example and prove that businesses can thrive without wrecking the planet and exploiting people on the other side of the world.
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