Quarantine escapism…

Quarantine escapism…

Everybody reacts to stress differently. Being more of an introvert, I turned inwards of course and almost closed shop to reread Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City. First time I ever read them was in the mid 90s while in Paris. I remember being amazed by the support provided by 28 Barbary Lane’s tight knit community.

Tales of the City books read during Lockdown

Even as a young child, I’ve always wanted to live abroad. The books led me to wish that if I didn’t actually end up in San Francisco, I would at least live somewhere as close as possible.

Well… I ended up in Brighton!

To me, Brighton is the English San Francisco with the obvious LGBTQ hotspot but also the alternative and bohemian vibe.

First time I ever met Brighton was just for a few hours back in 2004. It was love at first sight! After just about 2 hours, I knew I wanted to live here. It didn’t happen right away but I got my wish in 2007 and never looked back since 🥰

Oh and I, too, am surrounded by an amazing chosen family!

Hope everyone is safe and well. Not long to go now hopefully…


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