Act Straight became Unapologaytic

Act Straight became Unapologaytic

It’s just a name change, really. 

Unapologaytic Logo showing very little changed from Act Straight

Yes, it's virtually the same logo as Act Straight!

For some time now I’ve been thinking that life would be easier if I didn’t have to constantly remind people about the irony behind the Act Straight brand. About 10 days ago, we ran a marketing campaign for Pride that generated a relatively large amount of upset and angry comments which had nothing to do with the designs but the branding itself...

I was mortified that people actually thought Act Straight was a homophobic brand. That really broke my heart and I realised I had wasted enough time and energy explaining and justifying the name. Also let’s face it, if you need to explain a joke over and over again, it’s not such a good joke to begin with…

The new brand name is meant to move away from the distracting noise of irony and focus on what we’ve always set out to do: celebrate Gay Men and Gay Culture.

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