Listen to the New Unapologaytic Podcast

Listen to the New Unapologaytic Podcast




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Episode 1!!! 🏳️‍🌈 🥳 🏳️‍⚧️

In this very first episode of The Unapologaytic Podcast, Jae shares their experience of challenging society’s expectations of what gender queerness should act and look like.

Jae and I had 4 shoots over the last 5 years. The last one was for the St Sebastian project for Unapologaytic where Jae embodied a modern version of the gay icon.

Join us for a candid chat about gender identity, stereotypes, objectification and handling attention on social media.

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👋🏾  About The Unapologaytic Podcast

Hi I’m Pierre. I’m a male form photographer and also founder of the ethical gay brand Unapologaytic.

I spent my whole life blaming myself for the shame I felt for being gay but I realised not long ago that most of us experience this. I’ve always been curious about how other people handle feeling different.

Let’s help each other out and learn how to overcome this.

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